Visited by Dreamscape is a creative and dark collection of seven gothic-inspired short stories which deliver killer endings. Beautifully crafted with arresting imagery, weaving the everyday with the horror of our deepest and darkest nightmares, these stories are perfect for those who enjoy the works of Poe, Lovecraft, Ligotti, Stephen King, Clive Barker and Angela Carter, Shirley Jackson and Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

‘Gothic-inspired with contemporary themes make for great entertainment and terror.’


The Haunted Night –an atmospheric tale of despair and melancholy as a mother searches and finds her missing daughter in the neighbouring wood.

The Ailment – a wry tale about the repulsive and unspeakable journey made by Greasy Pete and his ‘third eye’.

The Haunted Nightclub – a chilling night of men, mystery and misery at Haunted, a local nightclub, doesn’t end well.

The Doll’s House –Child’s play gets dark when a younger sister receives a second-hand doll’s house complete with an unusual doll.

The Haunted Fairground – a widow and her two children experience more than they bargained for at the visiting fairground on Choices Meadow.

The Fashion Show – the deliciously dark and playfully malevolent fashion designer Richard Layman delivers The Cut Walk as his macabre swansong.

The Haunted Farm – a psychological and emotive tale about a brother and sister required to spend one night at their dead father’s farm as a condition of their inheritance.