A girl with a morbid gift.

A demon father.

An ancient prison where Clare makes a horrible mistake.

Destruction follows Rosie, and now Clare wonders if there is more to Lennie’s death than what she sees. On the surface, everything appears normal but there’s a creepy underworld thriving in Ward D of the prison and down its ancient steps to the dungeon where a demon feeds on human flesh. Worryingly, his store is almost empty.

Rosie Shadow is perfect for fans of Gemma Amor, Laurel Hightower and Ania Ahlborn.

Can something so perfect really be poisonous?

When Rachel and her husband Adam move to Maple Cottage in remote Cheshire, it should be the fulfilment of their dream to start a family.

Haunted by her past and challenged by events around her, Rachel finds that her home is not the sanctuary she envisaged–and neither is her marriage. Adam’s temper rages when he discovers he is infertile. She seeks solace in the arms of her gardener and falls pregnant.

Dreams become reality—and a garden grows, but as every gardener knows, even the most beautiful plants can be toxic.

Can Rachel find the happiness she craves, or will the toxic past take root and lead her down a dark path?

For fans of Elizabeth Day and C.J.Tudor.

The Haunted Sister Series

A haunted apartment block.
A passionate romance.
A grieving sister.
A best friend.
A new start that could devastate them all…

Willow believes that her sister who died in a house fire when they were children can communicate with her from beyond the grave. Could her sister’s warnings be about her boyfriend, the new life she’s about to embark on or the building she’s set to move into? A building that used to be a young offender’s institute.

Willow is unsure but as events unfold, family life is not all what it seems…

For fans of Louise Douglas and Tana French.

One million pounds.

Five contestants.

A killer among them.

Five strangers are brought together on a reality TV show, The Entrepreneur, to win a cash prize that could change their lives forever.

When the five contestants move into a remote house and filming begins, their business plans are unveiled. But when one contestant meets a serial killer and wins a task by selling murderabilia, it sets in motion a chain of events that will test the sanity of each contender and put them all in danger.

When one of the participants is found dead, it becomes apparent that whoever is behind the killing has every intention of winning…

For fans of Catriona Ward, Noelle West Ihli, Alex North, and Gemma Amor.

If she could speak to them, she would say they have exploded her heart, released firecrackers through her senses. She wishes she could call the police, the ambulance, the fire brigade, to arrest and anaesthetise and waterboard the bastards.

So what happens when your husband runs off with your best friend? When you discover the dead body of an old man halfway through your delivery round? When your house is burgled and you get beaten up? Doris, Andy and Colleen are about to find out. They’re also about to discover that you can find friendship and support in the oddest of places…

Heart-rending, humorous and above all authentic, Distorted Days is an exquisitely written account of the ways in which life can knock you off our feet – and how you can pick yourself up again. If you’ve experienced the fickleness of fortune, this is a book that you’ll never forget.

Sometimes tender, sometimes harsh but almost always dark.
This collection of short stories and flash fiction explores loss, female power and the power of distorted thought, as well as creating stark portraits of family, violence and revenge. The characters are flawed and visceral, from ghosts, daughters, mothers, wives, to taxi drivers, teachers, a frail widow and a mercenary shop assistant.

Visited by Dreamscape is an atmospheric collection of gothic-inspired short stories and dark poetry that weave the everyday with the horror of our deepest nightmares. The mix of traditional gothic motifs, contemporary themes and psychological horror will grip you from the beginning. The forms of the poetry include a sonnet based on the Shakespearean play Hamlet, a narrative poem and several in free verse.

Perfect for those who enjoy the works of Angela Carter and Sara Tantlinger.

My latest psychological thriller, Forgotten Dark, will be available to pre-order in October 2022.

More details to follow very soon!