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The thinking sub-genre of thrillers

The human mind is fascinating! Teaching English in a secondary school, being a mother, and having phases of feeling low or listless got me studying psychology to find answers to half-formed questions. My daughter was only seven when she used words like ‘stress’ and ‘anxiety’ that weren’t in my vocabulary until my late teens. Age eleven, and she’s taught about emotional intelligence. Our attention to mental health has certainly evolved and so has our interest. The appeal of the psychological thriller, be in books or movies, only sets to continue. For me, writing gives me a wonderful opportunity to delve into my ‘dark side’, especially in the novel, Doctor Glass.

The psychological thriller is a sub-genre of thrillers and it’s one of the most popular amongst readers, especially women. As a female author of thrillers, I am in the minority. The likes of James Patterson, Douglas Preston and Jack Carr having a sizeable chunk of the market. There are some superb female authors out there too, like Shari Lapena, Sarah Pearce, Lucy Foley, Ruth Ware and Gillian Flynn.

Psychological thrillers are a perfect genre for entertaining readers and making them think about what they might do in a similar situation to the protagonist and why. From the comfort of an armchair, the reader can experience what it feels like to be unsafe. Plot twists bring surprise. Some of the best thriller novels have ordinary characters doing extraordinary things when they are driven to the extreme and are forced into the darkest corners of their mind.

When caring becomes a crime

My latest novel Doctor Glass explores the chain reaction of a man’s infidelity on his family and his psychotherapist, Dr Glass. She is a dedicated professional who will stop at nothing to help her patients. As research has shown, individuals with the most empathy in caring positions can endanger their health. And Dr Glass cares a lot. Too much.

I am loving reading the reviews from around the world. It’s the first in the Glass Minds series, and it’s going to be a lot of fun developing the character of Dr Emma-Jane Glass and exploring more psychological themes for my readers in book II.

Book Lovers

Carrie by Stephen King and We Need to Talk about Kevin by Lionel Shriver are in my top ten. Here are a few sites where you can find great psychological thriller books:

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