‘Whatcha crying for, sissy? Why don’t you grow a pair?’ Rosie says to her mother…‘Send me to school and I’ll rip off your arm! Beat you with the stump.’
Abandoned by her terrorised mother at the age of six, Rosie Shadow will do anything to win the affection of her father Archie, an undead cannibal in charge of Her Majesty’s Prison Shortbury, now operating as a visitor attraction.
Clare is sent reeling into Archie’s arms with the grief of losing her boyfriend in a mysterious car accident when he collides with an ancient yew tree.

The secrets in the Medieval dungeon beneath the prison are under threat when Clare becomes suspicious of Archie’s true identity and his progeny.

A gripping paranormal thriller with one creepy kid.

‘Rosie Shadow is a extremely well written, spine chilling, addictive read that had me captivated from the first page and glued to my kindle. It’s perfectly paced, beautifully descriptive and had a cast of vivid, realistic characters. I would love to watch a film adaptation of this brilliant book. Worth all the stars and more and very very highly recommended.’
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 March 2021
‘I loved this book didn’t take me long to read this story the cover very creepy such creepy haunting vibes to this story you enjoy. I loved the characters you felt really connected with the. The writing style was beautiful written even though some part were very creepy I would have loved to been on that prison tour with them though. I didn’t want the story to end I loved every page so many creepy plots and twists you enjoy. Archie’s character was so creepy and mysterious it made you want to read more every page a turn over such a brilliant read I loved all the characters.’