Rachel’s Garden is coming out soon so I will be sharing photographs from the Cheshire and Shropshire area which inspired the beautiful and forbidding setting for the story. I hope you’ll enjoy looking at them while giving you a flavour of this psychological thriller.

Interview with Karen Holmes

Let’s do the nosey stuff first. You’ve recently taken the plunge and started a career as a full-time writer. How do you spend your days?
I often start writing at about 7am ……

Karen Holmes Editor

The lives of ordinary Britons intertwine and evolve in this impressionistic literary novel.

Dreamlike shifts in perspective dominate this new work by Worthington, the author of Stained Glass Lives (2020). Doris Gambol secures a job at the library in Shrewsbury, England, after her husband leaves her. One day, a man collapses from insomnia at her branch; the chief librarian, Colleen Collect, calms him by reading from a book…

‘Most of the stories also have a shock twist at the end, an ending that you wouldn’t expect. All aspects of life are covered here, including loneliness, murder, heartbreak and divorce. If you enjoy short stories and anthologies, then this is an absolute must-read. I was blown away but the high quality writing of each story — it was really difficult to choose just a few stories to highlight in my review!’ Clare Lecari

Psychological Thrillers

Rachel’s Garden will be available February 2021, and The Entrepreneur in April 2021, published by Bloodhound Books. More to follow….

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