A gripping psychological thriller

During a recent book club meeting via zoom, I was asked about where the inspiration for Rachel’s Garden came from so this post is all about that.

I was born in Cheshire close to the woods in Peckforton and there I have spent many hours running and walking the Sandstone Trail which runs from Whitchurch to Frodsham. With Beeston Castle and Peckforton Castle presiding over the natural landscape, it is a special place. The woods are beautiful and of course, when the light fades and sounds rustle out of sight, the atmosphere soon changes so it was the perfect setting for a marriage to be tested.

Part of my research for the novel involved walking familiar sections from Burwardsley with my faithful dog Maddy, and conducting desk-based research into flora and fauna, especially poisonous plants!

Thank you for your reviews of Rachel’s Garden. It’s lovely to receive feedback and if you are ever in Cheshire, I recommend a walk along the Sandstone Trail. Here are a few photos of me and Maddy and of the area.