Murderabilia: a bloody thriving industry. Fact not fiction.

There’s quite an underground appetite for murderabilia. Less gruesome items include letters or postcards written by murderers. The grizzly stuff includes fingernails, hair, skin…and more. It’s amazing what you can sell – and what people will buy. That’s the basis of the story in my dark psychological thriller, The Entrepreneur. Perhaps some of you have watched The Apprentice? Big Brother? Put them together and you will enjoy being creeped out by this psychological thrillerl!

A crime scene hanging on the living room wall

Serial killer John Wayne Gacy dressed up as a clown to entertain children at birthday parties. While Gacy was in prison, he started painting clowns (Pogo – take a look at Pennywise! from the King’s IT) – and since his execution, his ‘art’ has attracted large sums of money. Some of his paintings sell for as much as 50k now. Take a look but I don’t think the quality of the art has anything to do with the price tag! The research for this story was fascinating producing a mixture of fact and fiction.

Available as an Ebook, paperback and audiobook.

The Entrepreneur is a dark psychological thriller peeking into the mind of a macabre underground industry, a serial killer AND the minds of five ordinary individuals who want to win the content. Ambition can make us all go a little bit crazy. Push things a bit too far. Iron out the differences between us. Macbeth was one of the first that lingered in my mind. I hope some of the characters in my novel will linger in yours.