‘Green is the colour of naivety, envy, innocence and the hue of healing and renewal. Rebirth. New beginnings. Growth!’ Dr Zoe Hall said with ardour.

Is it?

At a conference about connectedness to nature for health and wellbeing, Dr Glass meets Dr Zoe Hall, an unorthodox practitioner with a passion for treating clients with a ‘walk and talk’ approach in unspoilt countryside. Zoe accepts an invitation to work from Dr Glass’ premises and soon clients are knocking on the door for an appointment. The therapy takes them into the depths of Bickling Wood at all hours of the day and night. When Zoe’s research interests and practice in nature therapy take an unexpected twist arousing significant media interest and with colleagues, Dr Glass begins to question her judgement.

Has she been naïve to invite Zoe into her professional world who lives by ‘nature’s cruel law’, or is it just the green-eyed monster at work?

Ever Green is the second book in the Glass Minds Series and a stand-alone psychological chiller. Available to pre-order now.

Coming June 2022.