A girl with a morbid gift. A demon father. An ancient prison where Clare makes a horrible mistake.
Destruction follows Rosie, and now Clare wonders if there is more to Lennie’s death than what she sees. On the surface, everything appears normal but there’s a creepy underworld thriving in Ward D of the prison and down its ancient steps to the dungeon.

Alone with the beat of her grieving heart, the fear and evil seep through. Will Clare listen in time to rescue her best friend from the clutches of evil?

Rosie Shadow is a dark and twisty supernatural thriller, perfect for fans of Jodi Taylor, Sarah Painter and Darcy Coates.

Readers love Louise Worthington:

‘Louise Worthington does brilliant, strong female heroes, and characters with depth.’

‘I love the creepy atmosphere of the prison and the yew tree. Very well written.’
‘This is the third book of Louise’s that I have read and as always, the writing is absolutely beautiful. It’s incredibly moving and full of evocative imagery, and very atmospheric throughout the book!’
‘Rosie Shadow is incredibly unique and very original. It’s incredibly disturbing and hard to read at times — and the writing is fantastic! It’s definitely a must-read for fans of horror, and is one of the best horror books I’ve read. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series!’

Louise Worthington, Rosie Shadow.


The main characters are incredibly well-written and relatable too…